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10 Massive Benefits of NAD+ Shot Therapy

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NAD is a coenzyme naturally found in every cell in the body that can repair damage on a cellular level and is responsible for keeping your health in check.

The protective caps at the ends of chromosomes known as telomeres, which shrink with age, are extended with NAD by acting on mitochondria. The SIRT1 and PARP1 proteins, which are associated with a slower rate of aging and have an impact on DNA repair respectively, are made more active by NAD.

But enough with the science, how can NAD+ shot benefit you?

1. Anti-Aging

Aging has always been an uphill battle, it’s inevitable, but we have all the right to try and slow the aging process and its effect on our physical and mental health.

NAD helps repair cells, and since it’s a coenzyme that essentially slows down as we age, the effects on veins and reduced blood flow negatively impact our skin and appearance.

The introduction of NAD artificially means there is a good possibility of boosting its levels and allowing us to age a bit more gracefully.

2. Muscle Recovery

Sore muscles, their growth, and most importantly, recovery, are all heavily impacted by cellular reconstruction and blood flow.
NAD helps with both. Wether you’re an athlete or simply feel as if the healing effects are no longer what they were, you could benefit from NAD+ IV drip therapy.

3. Weight-Loss

Losing weight requires a lot of energy, a proper diet, a strict workout schedule, and recovery.

When you add your body’s natural inability to efficiently burn fat, it can seem way too complicated to lose weight..

NAD helps with the production of ATP, a molecule that carries energy throughout your body. The more energy you’re able to use, the more resources your body needs, and there’s no better fuel to burn than fat.

4. Skin Health

Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes damage to the skin, even if you don’t notice it initially. With age, it becomes more apparent.

NAD plays an important role in repairing skin on a DNA level, and keeps you safer from potential threats of our, at times, merciless Star.

5. Addiction

NAD has been extensively researched in substance abuse addiction recovery and the negative effects the body goes through during the treatment.

It can reduce withdrawal symptoms during recovery, and help keep the person from going back to their old ways.

During the process, many nerves are damaged, and they desperately need to be repaired so the body can function normally. NAD can help repair nerves as well, making the whole anti-addiction process that much easier to go through, and help the individual in question stay on a healthy path.

6. Anti-Depressant

NAD+ IV drip can often make people feel elevated and mentally uplifted after the therapy.

The neurotransmitter called serotonin is the one responsible for our feelings of happiness. It is naturally released whenever you’re laughing, pleased with something, and even while healing from wounds.

Serotonin can also be artificially boosted with NAD. In return, people battling depression, anxiety, or stress, can benefit from this therapy.

7. Brain Protection

The major purpose of NAD in the brain is to shield cells from losing a chemical called myelin. Fast communication between brain cells depends on myelin.

NAD might possibly have a role as a neurotransmitter in the brain. This suggests that NAD may play a more direct role in the communication between brain cells.

So it makes sense why NAD IV therapy is so successful in removing brain fog. It can aid in clearer thinking for better judgment and quicker reactions to the world around us.

8. Cognitive Improvement

NAD is crucial for maintaining brain health. It helps brain cells operate by assisting them in adjusting to varying levels of stress. An IV infusion of NAD promotes the cognitive improvement and healthy brain aging.

NAD levels are decreased and hazardous chemicals are elevated in neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

According to studies, NAD infusion therapy can help slow this process and improve neurodegenerative disorders.

9. DNA Repair

The process of converting DNA into proteins is diminished by aging. As you age, more mutations and mistakes take place, which could be because NAD levels fall with age.

In fact, NAD controls the proteins necessary for the protection of DNA and helps repair it.

The thing about DNA repair is that dysfunctional repair mechanisms are linked to carcinogenesis and cell death. That means regular NAD IV treatments can lower your risk of developing cancer and increase cell survival.

10. Organ Functionality

Through its cellular-level effects, NAD intravenous therapy improves the functions of the body’s primary organs. It improves the way the liver works and aids in preventing the buildup of fats and lipids that are harmful to the health of the liver.

The body’s NAD levels are crucial for the heart’s healthy operation and aid in its healing after damage. NAD+ infusion enhances cardiac function in a sick heart, according to laboratory research.

Additionally, NAD treatment improves skeletal, muscle, and kidney function.


The versatility of NAD is the reason why it is so beneficial.

It protects your body and mind, assists with healing, and prevents you from aging, among many other benefits.

NAD+ IV drip therapy can give you a boost that assists with healthy bodily functions and mental well-being.

It’s a relatively short, relaxing therapy with so many positive effects that could have a massively positive impact on your life.