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NAD+ IM Shot with a Complementary Cryotherapy in Charleston

($50 Value)

Offer expires in 30 days and is only valid for first-time sessions. If the appointment is not available please call for additional availability at (843) 612-8914

Fuel your life and do more of what you love.

What is NAD+ IM Shot Therapy?

Promote your overall well-being with NAD+ IM Shots! This latest breakthrough in molecular health may help your body jump-start cellular repair mode, rejuvenate your energy and clean house of internal damage. At Restore, your experience includes a Cryotherapy prep session—the ultimate 2-for-1 energy kick—all in under 15 minutes!


NAD+ IM Shot Therapy may help the body...

Boost focus, energy and cellular health

Improve heart health, strength and endurance

Accelerate the healing of muscles and tissues

IM shots in vials and injections at Restore Charleston

What to Expect

IM shots in vials and injections at Restore Charleston

Service Duration

1-4 hours depending on comfort and preference. First time clients will need medical clearance. NAD+ must be pre-ordered before administration.

How Often to Use NAD+ IM Shot Therapy

Four 125mg IM shots are administered once a week for 4 weeks. Maintenance not required but NAD+ Shots can be administered 1x week as needed.