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Circadia® Oxygen Facial with Complementary Red Light Therapy in Charleston

($50 Value)

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Woman enjoying Hydrafacial Oxygen Treatment at Restore Charleston
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What is Circadia® Oxygen Facial?

Step up your skin-care game with Restore’s Oxygen Facial featuring renowned products from Circadia®. This breakthrough facial utilizes a controlled amount of oxygen generated at optimal levels in the skin to prove maximum benefits and replace the ruddy look associated with acne, rosacea, and telangiectasia, resulting in a brighter complexion. This luxurious 3-step facial uses an exfoliating mask, an oxygen treatment mask and a hydrating mask—leaving any skin type with deeply cleansed and nourished skin. Choose from Oxygenating Facial, Oxygenating Add On, Oxygen Facial, Cryoskin® + Oxygen Facial, or HydraFacial® + Oxygen Treatment


Circadia® Oxygen Facial may help the body...

Eliminate acne-causing bacteria

Reverse the signs of aging

Reduce signs of rosacea and telangiectasia

Circadia Oxygen Gel base skin mask and Oxygen RX vial

What to Expect

Circadia Oxygen Gel base skin mask and Oxygen RX vial

Service Duration

About an hour

How Often to Use Circadia® Oxygen Facial

Weekly for correction issues. Monthly for general care and maintenance.

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